About Bryan

If you're here on this site you likely know something about me. If for some reason you got here and don't know me then this page is for you.

I'm Bryan. I work for a start up as Product Manager. It's not my first love or anything, just a challenging role at a great company. In my day-to-day I work a lot on our product. I do some planning and managing of my team. It's stressful and hard at times and then it can also it feels too easy. I think that's a nice sweet spot for work. Challenging but with some relief.

Before becoming a product manager I liked to write code. I wasn't the best at it but I could always get my projects finished, which, might be more valuable than the skill itself.

Outside of work I love sports. I've loved them for as long as I can remember. The last few years have been tough for a variety of reasons that aren't really worth getting into here. Recently though I decided to train for triathlons again. So I spun up this site to satisfy my need to build things and to track my progress a bit.

So if you're at all interested in that journey, then follow along!