In the tech world it's common for people to share what they "use" for work. It can be software, hardware, camera/audio gear, etc. I figured I'd do the same for my triathlon life since I'm always curious about other people's set ups.

This list is not exhaustive and I hope to add to it periodically. It's just a glimpse into the stuff I use


I hate training software in general. I mean, its helpful to an extent, but it's all overwhelming. Even having a background in software I can feel like I'm dealing with a labyrinth of apps and APIs to get a good understanding of where I am. Regardless, here's what I'm using

  1. Training Peaks

    1. These guys are the best for planning workouts but also the worst for information design. They integrate with everything so that's where they win.

  2. Strava

    1. I just kudos to feel validated. Did you really workout if no one saw it on Strava? Unfortunately Strava lacks in the 'planning' of workouts area. If they added this I'd switch because they at least have a public API.

  3. Garmin Connect

    1. I switched to a Garmin watch from my old Apple Watch. The battery life alone is enough to switch but the support for swim was important to me. As for the software, it's just a requirement to get my data to sync around

  4. Nutrisense

    1. This is an app that continuously monitors my glucose (blood sugar) levels

    2. I've been monitoring my blood sugar for dietary reasons but it's been helpful to see the effects on my blood sugar during and post workout


  1. 2011 Felt (TT)

    1. I love this old bike. I'm not entirely sure how many miles I've got on it but I think it's still in decent shape considering the age

  2. 2009 Fuji Roubaix (Road)

    1. My first real road bike. It's pretty sturdy but isn't really made for intense cycling. I just love it's size and that I can toss it around

  3. Peloton

    1. Not a real bike but the Peloton spin classes really changed my perspective on cycling during Covid. I needed a convenient way to workout at home and the leaderboard and Matt Wilpers was everything I needed.

  4. Giro Helmet

  5. Giro Tri Shoes

  6. Fizik Road Shoes

    1. I use this on the Peloton primarily.

  7. Favero Assiom Duo Power Meter Pedals

  8. Look Keo Cleats

  9. Wahoo Element Bolt V2 Bike Computer

  10. No bike trainer...yet (looking into the Kickr)


  1. Brooks Ghost

  2. Salomon Trail

  3. Knockaround Sunglasses

  4. Elastic Race Laces


  1. I swim at the local YMCA

  2. An old XTERRA wetsuit