November 6th, 2023

Race Recap: Newport Dunes Sprint 2024

I’m writing this from my phone so forgive any typos. I’m not proofreading or anything.

When I signed up for this race o just wanted to have some carrot on a stick in front me to keep training after Mission Bay. To be honest, I thought the race was in December when I signed up. So three weeks after MB, I’m up in Newport racing again.

Initial Thoughts

I’m pretty damn proud. I finished 6th in my age group and 30 overall in the men’s division. Not bad for a guy that, 16 weeks ago, couldn’t run a mile without waking.

My overall time was much faster than MB because the course was shorter. 400 yard swim and 8 mile bike accounts for most of that time. I will say that my Garmin has me at 1:20 per 100 so I was definitely moving.

My average power touched 200 watts which was great. I think I could’ve done better but I’ve always got that run in the back of my mind.

Speaking of the run, I held around 8:30/mile pace which is what I expect of me right now. I definitely think if I pushed that down more I would blow up a bit. I’m really going to focus on Z2 training the next few months. I really want to improve this the best way possible.

I’m proud that I didn’t use the rough night of sleep as an excuse. My daughter has had a cough and since they came to watch, we all stayed in the hotel room together. Her rough night of sleeping was rough for all of us. I just convinced my self that I would’ve been waking up anyway, anxious about the race.

Really the excitement of racing was all that I needed.

Some Learnings

  • I didn’t eat much before the race

  • I liked waking up later

  • I didn’t warm up much and I’m not sure that affected me that much. I think considering my night of sleep it was wise not to over do it

  • My stomach did not like the gel during the run so much. Will need to acclimate to that

  • Moving the bottle from behind my seat to the bike frame was wise though it was hard to get it out at times.

  • Having a marker in transition was helpful. Someone nearby had an orange bandana and it made it easy spot my gear

  • I need to smile more even though I’m hurting

  • Loving the sport again