July 26th, 2023


I'm relaunching the blog!

I haven't written a lot recently. Life has been chaotic since kids and Covid but I'm giving it another shot.

Writing has always been a helpful way for me to process things. This past year has been hard for me and our family–we've sadly lost a few family members. As a result I've put a lot of thought into my own personal health and have started training again for triathlons.

I recently had a CT scan that showed I have a healthy heart. I don't smoke and I barely drink alcohol, so I knew in theory I was healthy. Even believing that as best as I could, the process was nerve-racking still. After getting the results I felt relief and a little bit inspired.

So here I am, training and writing about it. I'll post more in the future but for now, I'm planning to race again and figuring out my schedule. I don't know for how long I'll train. Probably as long as my wife will put up with the long hours or if/when I get injured.