August 17th, 2023

Just a Lot of Little Decisions

In my workout today I caught myself saying something to push me through an exercise.

At the end of my strength and conditioning workout today I had to do some side planks. I hate planks. I was doing 3 sets on each side for 30 seconds each. On set 2 at the end of my first 30 seconds I wanted to switch sides a little early and get some relief. I caught myself repeating to myself "it's a decision".

The decision here was to keep going to the end instead cutting it off early. The decision here was to get stronger and fight the through pain.

It's a simple statement with a lot of truth behind it. It's the cliche "it's not what happens to you it's how you respond" that's tossed around in sports circles often. In life or sport there are endless amounts of decisions to be made.

I need to remember this one more in other areas of my life. Like completing my to-do list for the day or not binging on something sweet.