October 6th, 2023

One Week to Mission Bay

Mission Bay is just around the corner and the excitement I'm feeling is starting to build.

As of writing this, I'm just over a week out from race day. I'm so excited to get out there again.

The last couple of weeks have been difficult with a lot of work and family stuff going on. When things are normal I feel in control and level-headed. When life starts to deviate from the mean it really affects my mental state. I need to work on handling this better.

Often data can be a distraction for me. I usually remind myself that if I stop thinking and put in the effort required I'll be fine. Well this week that wasn't going to work. Data assured me I was in fact fine. That the extra stuff around me was draining me but my heart rate wasn't spiking and my pace/power has been right where it should be.

After a brief freak out this week, I'm feeling better today. I've got a checklist for my race day. I've got a timeline for the morning and plan for warming up and eating. I'm pumped. It's only a sprint but it's something more for me.

When I signed up for this race I was hoping I'd be in this position today. Excited and ready. I'm definitely ready. Of course the elite athlete in me is thinking I should be further along in training and much faster but I need to ignore that voice for now. 11 weeks I couldn't swim 500 yards without my arms falling off and lungs burning like a raging forest fire. So I'm ready. I ran a 5k this morning under 30 minutes. I hope to do the same next week.