October 10th, 2023

Race Week - Mission Bay Sprint

The week has come and I'm ready!

This is the first time in a very long time that I've gone into race week confident in the work I've done. The craziness of life aside, the data from my workouts say I'm ready.

I wish I could play it cool and not care but it's been a long time coming. 2016 might be the last time I've raced. I can't think of a race that might have come after the birth of my oldest daughter in 2017. I've never consistently trained and stayed healthy for a race. So there's a lot to be pumped about.

I've been going through my morning schedule and my plan for the race. I'll likely be up a little before 4am to warmup and make some food before heading out. In all my past races I have never warmup. Since I have the Peloton, I'm going to spin for 15-20 mins to wake things up. I'll do a little jog at the course and then right before the swim I'll get my upper body going. I've noticed in training once my body has moved a bit, I do better. So it should translate to the race.

For nutrition I'm thinking a gel right before and then whenever convenient on the ride and a water bottle with Nuun. It's a sprint so I shouldn't need much.

My goal is to be under 1:10.00. I'll be satisfied with that time considering all goes well. You never know with races like these. In a sprint, a flat can end your day.

Excited to get this going. I'll post a recap when I'm done.