September 27th, 2023

Realities of Life and Training

The true struggle of training for triathlons is not the training but the juggling of life's priorities.

I've been struggling to keep this blog updated lately. A few weeks ago I had brief moments here and there to write and gather my training logs but work and family life began to creep in. But that's ok. This blog isn't my priority. It's just a nice place to express some small thoughts on what I'm working on.

Right now work is a bit hectic. We have some deadline upcoming and I've really got to stay on top of things. Additionally, the kids have a lot more activities right now so that's taking up time.

Training has been a little wonky right now. With travel and schedules not lining up it's been a circus act finding the time (and motivation) to workout. Once I get going I feel good. But I'm sensing myself feel a little sluggish, which I'm not liking. Also, I'm having to move training all around and I don't like when things aren't consistent. I'm getting the work in it's just not at or around the same time every day–which this might be a good thing.

Regardless, I'm making it work and I'm happy about that. I tend to drift away but having a race in place has kept me on track. Mentally I need to keep it together and find the positive in everything. Getting hung up on something like the time of day I workout is silly.

2 weeks until the Mission Bay sprint! Even though the tone of this feels a little down, I'm really quite excited.