December 13th, 2023

2024 Offseason Update

I have been working my ass off training to start training. I've been using my Training Stress Score as an indicator and I have been slowly pushing that up. I looked up what a good TSS number should be at the time of a 70.3 and should be between 70 and 140 (ref). Right now I'm estimated at 80 but I know that will go up.


I'm feeling really good in the water. I can do about 3,000 yards now and can push my pace down below 1:20 pretty easily. Heard a quote today that I will take into training. I'm paraphrasing, "you gotta learn how to swim fast when you're tired". I've been having a hard time at the tail end of workouts pushing myself. This quote will be a little 🔥 for me.


I've been doing Peloton's "Peak Your Power Zone" program and it's going really well. 3 rides a week and I'm feeling really strong. It's going to get a little wonky with the holiday travel we're doing but I'm excited to see where my FTP lands. My wife got me a Zwift trainer for my birthday that I've yet to set up. But I'm excited to use it during the week for it's convenience.


I've never really known how to train for running. I did some research and learned about Zone 2 training. I don't understand the science but I do like that I've been able to increase my duration (and mileage) just by slowing down. I've been increasing my long runs by 10% each week and have had no problems. In fact the hardest thing is keeping my heart rate low. I'm doing less walking now but still occasionally need to stop running get it where it should be. In January, I'll be doing some speed work again but generally, I've been keep all runs extremely slow.

That's it for now. It's been a while since I've written and really felt like I needed to sum up how I've been feeling. Definitely feeling like I'm making progress. Amped for the new year and getting as close to 140 as I can.