January 5th, 2024

A bumpy start to 2024

It's not the way I wanted to end and start this year but sickness happens and I've just gotta roll with it.

It's definitely not how I drew it up but being sick is not something I can control. The "off-season" was going well and as planned until our trip to Brian Head, UT. I started to feel extremely fatigued and weak. I had planned to do a 90 minute run at my sister's house and then drive the family to the mountain for some boarding.

Instead, I slept. I still drove to the mountains but I did not feel good at all. While in the mountains I dealt with a bit of altitude sickness on top but was able to have a good time with the kids. Upon returning though I still felt extremely tired. I did a couple of days of work and then Christmas came and went. I developed a cough and still have it as I type.

My workouts definitely suffered. I missed 13 workouts. I did finish my Power Zone program on Peloton. My FTP increased to 277 which is great but I think it could've been better. I was sucking wind at the end.

The most frustrating part for me is my TSS score. If I didn't get sick I would've been at around 80 on my score starting out this training season, which would've been amazing. I want to be between 120-140 by race date. My fear is that these two weeks of sickness will cascade down to race day. Meaning, starting at 56 TSS score versus 80 will mean I'll be at 110 instead of 140. Also, I can't just load up extra work because that puts me at risk of injury.

Anyway, in the end, this was out of my control and I gotta let it go.